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Body Glove® Kids

Merging Safety, Innovation, and Joy. Crafting US Coast Guard approved lifevests that protects, comforts, and excites every young adventurer.

Introducing Body Glove Kids - a brand that stands at the intersection of safety, innovation, and fun. Our products are meticulously designed with your child's safety as the paramount concern, all while ensuring they remain comfortable and enjoy their aquatic experiences.


Our range boasts US Coast Guard approved life vests, equipped with patented technology that prevents children from removing the vests unassisted. This vital feature ensures that your little ones remain safe and secure, even when you're not looking.


But it's not all about safety - we bring the fun too! Our range includes delightful hoodie towels, perfect for snuggling up after a dip in the water. Each towel is crafted with a soft, absorbent material and features playful designs that your children will adore.


With Body Glove Kids, every water adventure becomes a safe, memorable, and enjoyable experience for your children. Trust in our commitment to safety and delight in the joy we bring to your little ones.

For more in-depth information on our products, we encourage you to explore our catalog.


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