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Jimmy Styks®

Dive into our world of premium inflatable SUPs, kayaks, and water mats. Turn every water escapade into an unforgettable journey.

At Jimmy Styks®, we're not just about high-quality Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboards (ISUPs) and kayaks, we're about catering to diverse lifestyles and adventures. We're here for the family fun-seekers, the yogis seeking tranquility, the weekend warriors, and everyone who finds joy on the water.


Our expansive line ranges from inflatable SUPs, designed for full body workouts amidst stunning landscapes, to inflatable kayaks perfect for leisurely lake tours or fishing retreats. For those seeking versatility, our 2-in-1 inflatable boards present the ultimate choice, effortlessly transforming from a ISUP to a kayak.


In our pursuit of enhancing aquatic thrills, we recently introduced the Boost seascooter. This innovative underwater propeller can be used independently for diving and snorkeling, or in tandem with select Jimmy Styks® paddleboards, enabling remote control over the board's direction. It's perfect for adding a burst of speed to your paddle, or for those moments when you'd rather let the seascooter do the work.


No matter what your water adventure looks like, Jimmy Styks® ensures you have the perfect companion to match your thrill, lifestyle, and budget. Discover a world of aquatic delights with us.

For more in-depth information on our products, we encourage you to explore our catalog or visit our official Jimmy Styks website:


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