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From super bouncy ball to supercharged e-bike - Zectron: reshaping journeys, connecting worlds, and transforming commutes into thrilling adventures.

Birthed from the ingenious mind of Wham-O, a revered American toy company with a 75-year legacy, Zectron has evolved yet stayed true to its roots. Initially conceived as the energy-packed Super Ball brand, Zectron now champions the cutting-edge in e-bike technology, marrying performance with an aesthetic that's both high-tech and inviting. 

From a humble toy to a revolutionary electric bicycle, Zectron's journey is testament to our relentless pursuit of quality, customer satisfaction, and innovation. Our aim is to transform ordinary travel into extraordinary adventures, to challenge distances, and to connect people. A testament to our quest for continuous innovation, Zectron's evolution is the story of a toy morphing into a life-changing commuting tool, altering the way we perceive distance and travel.

We envision a future where our e-bikes not only redefine the commute but also reshape leisure and sports. It's not just about getting from point A to B, but the thrilling experience along the way. With Zectron, we are rewriting the narrative of mobility, one ride at a time.

For more in-depth information on our products, we encourage you to explore our  official Zectron website:


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