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Championing watersports innovation since 1986. Enabling peak performance and thrilling aquatic adventures. Navigate your rush, soar with Jetpilot.

Birthed in 1986 by four Californian sports enthusiasts, Jetpilot filled a unique niche, producing advanced watercraft racing apparel when none existed. Quickly gaining traction, Jetpilot shaped the watercraft racing scene, endorsing high-profile personalities and launching the groundbreaking Freeride Watercraft Tour in the late '90s.


In 1995, Jetpilot made a splash in the burgeoning wakeboarding industry with its focus on quality, innovation, and durability. Bolstered by strategic partnerships, the brand extended its reach through sponsorships, gaining recognition on the national stage.


Today, over three decades later, Jetpilot stands as a global leader in watersports gear, supporting top athletes and constantly innovating. The brand's passion for watersports and commitment to quality remains its driving force, fueling the pursuit of pioneering product solutions.

For more in-depth information on our products, we encourage you to visit our official Jetpilot website:


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