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Churchill Swimfins

Inspired by Tahitian craft, innovated for Navy missions, and perfected for bodyboarding - a timeless choice for champions worldwide

In 1940, inspired by Tahitian boys who used rubber and metal bands shaped like a fish tail to create swim fins, Owen Churchill designed and patented the first Churchill® Swimfins. Despite initial slow sales due to low popularity of skin-diving in America, the US Navy soon recognized the potential of these fins for their underwater missions. Churchill upgraded the design by using vulcanized rubber, enhancing the fins' quality.

The turning point came in 1971 with the introduction of bodyboarding. Suddenly, Churchill® Swimfins were thrust into the spotlight, becoming a favorite among both professional and novice riders for their thrust and performance. Though the shape remained unchanged, vibrant color schemes, like the iconic blue & yellow and black & yellow, added an aesthetic appeal that further propelled their popularity. Churchill trademarked these renowned colors in 1994.

Today, Churchill® Swimfins maintain their reputation as the world's best-selling fins, continually tested and improved upon, symbolizing an enduring legacy of innovation and quality.

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