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BZ Proboard

Established by Bobby Szabad, a pioneer in bodyboarding, and persistently setting new benchmarks  in the world of bodyboarding

Bobby Szabad was a significant figure in the early days of bodyboarding. Working closely with Tom Morey, the inventor of the first bodyboard, Szabad was not only a part of Morey's backyard factory workers but also one of the first Morey Boogie team riders. His experience and passion for the sport laid a solid foundation for the creation of his own company, BZ.

Since its inception, BZ Proboard has consistently focused on producing high-performance bodyboards that meet the needs of professional riders and enthusiasts alike. Leveraging Szabad's intimate knowledge of the sport and the board manufacturing process, the brand quickly earned a reputation for quality and performance, with many considering BZ to be the top high-performance board on the market.

BZ Proboard continues to hold a revered place in the industry, symbolizing Bobby Szabad's enduring legacy and commitment to excellence in bodyboarding.

For more in-depth information on our products, we encourage you to explore our catalog or visit our official Morey Bodyboards website:


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