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Discover the pinnacle of safety with our diverse Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs). Our range caters to every aquatic need. Choose security, choose us.

Step into the world of optimal safety with our extensive collection of Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs) - a testament to our core competence and commitment to safety standards. From competition vests designed for the adrenaline of wakeboarding, to general boating PFDs that are an essential for any yacht or personal watercraft, our range caters to all needs. Our rescue pouch PFDs add an extra layer of security, designed for quick self-inflation. Anglers will appreciate our fishing-specific PFDs, while our infant PFDs and Paddle Pals are uniquely engineered to prevent self-removal, ensuring the safety of the little ones. Most of our line proudly boasts US Coast Guard approval.


Browse our catalog below and find the perfect fit for your safety and enjoyment.

To explore our diverse collection of Personal Flotation Devices, we encourage you to delve into our detailed catalog provided below. For comp vests, visit our Jetpilot website at


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