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About Us

Igniting Adventure, Inspiring Thrills

Pioneering aquatic adventures since 1992, now driving innovation in outdoor sports, aquatic gear, iconic toys, and micro-mobility.

Sport Dimension is a leading manufacturer and distributor in the water sports industry. From surfing beginnings with Body Glove, Sport Dimension Inc. expanded into wakeboarding with JetPilot and seascooters under Nautica. We diversified with iconic toys from Wham-O and electric bikes from Smacircle. Spanning surf, turf, and road, we continually expand and drive innovation & adventure in every step of our journey.


Quick Facts




Years of Experience Since 1992


Employees Globally

5 employees of Sport Dimension INC.

Operational Excellence

Warehouse Shelves from Above

As a vertically integrated design and manufacturing conglomerate, we excel in every step of the product journey, from conception to distribution. Our reach extends from small specialty shops to large big-box sporting goods retailers. 


With over 3000 employees worldwide and decades of experience, we've demonstrated proficiency across diverse product categories, ranging from outdoor sporting goods and toys to foldable electric bikes.

a guy is playing wakeboard.

Our Mission

Guiding our ethos is our commitment to nurture innovation and progress within our distinct brands, specifically within the vibrant watersports sector. We strive to transcend the boundaries of design and performance in aquatic sports equipment and also concurrently foster the growth of each brand in our portfolio to set new, industry-specific benchmarks of excellence.

Meet Our Team

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