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Pioneering micromobility with our innovative S1 foldable electric bike. Stay tuned, we're shifting gears to transform the future of last-mile transportation.

Welcome to our new frontier in micromobility. At Sport Dimension, we're thrilled to be breaking new ground in the realm of compact, eco-friendly transportation. Our pioneering offering, the Smacircle S1, exemplifies the future of portable travel - a brilliantly engineered foldable electric bike designed for the urban commuter. The journey continues as we unveil Zectron, a robust, electric e-bike brought to life by our acclaimed brand, Wham-O. Zectron illustrates our unwavering commitment to enriching your travel experience.


But our journey doesn't stop here. Behind the scenes, our team is tirelessly innovating, ready to revolutionize your commute with exciting upcoming releases. Check out the impressive Smacircle S1 at and the Zectron e-bike on Stay tuned, because we're gearing up to change the game in micromobility. There's much more on the horizon!

For an in-depth look at the Smacircle S1, peruse our catalog below or visit the official website at For details on the Zectron e-bike, visit



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