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Body Glove®
Mermaid Linden

Sparking joy and fun in every swim. Encouraging ocean love and nurturing confidence in young swimmers with each aquatic adventure.

Welcome to Mermaid Linden by Body Glove® - where we infuse magic into swim safety. With our engaging mascot, Mermaid Linden, we champion ocean conservation and safety while making swimming a fun-filled adventure. From monofins that add a whimsical twist to swimming, to secure life vests and exciting kickboards, we offer an array of products that evoke the joy of being a mermaid or merman. With Mermaid Linden by Body Glove®, each swim stroke turns into a captivating exploration, fostering growth, confidence, and a love for our marine companions. Dive in, and let the aquatic adventures begin!

For more in-depth information on our products, we encourage you to explore our catalog or visit the official Mermaid Linden website:


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