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iSUPs & iKayaks

Explore our range of iSUPs and iKayaks, crafted with innovative inflatable technology. Our versatile vessels redefine outdoor aquatic paddling adventures.

Explore the beauty of open waters with our expansive range of inflatable stand-up paddleboards (iSUPs) and inflatable kayaks (iKayaks). We offer a variety of iSUPs tailored for various activities like yoga, fishing, racing, and cruising, each meticulously designed to provide the best possible experience. Using innovative inflatable technology, our iSUPs and iKayaks offer the toughness of their hard-top counterparts while being lighter and more portable. Whether you are a professional paddler or a beginner, our inflatable watercrafts cater to all skill levels. We invite you to check out and learn more about our products at Dive in and embark on your next aquatic adventure with us!

For a detailed exploration of our iSUP and iKayak collections, we invite you to delve into our Jimmy Styks catalog. For an even more comprehensive overview, head over to the official Jimmy Styks website. Also, don't miss out on our extended iSUP offerings available on the Morey website.

Jimmy Styks:



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