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Venture beneath the surface with our wide array of seascooters, expertly designed to enhance every aquatic experience. Dive deeper with us.

Embark on a thrilling aquatic journey with our diverse selection of seascooters, licensed under the globally recognized brand, Nautica. Our range caters to a variety of needs - from robust seascooters equipped with add-on ballast weights tailored for deep-sea divers, to compact, foldable models designed for the travel-loving snorkeling enthusiasts. Adding to this versatility, we present the Boost Seascooter, available under our Jimmy Styks banner. Uniquely adaptable, it can be installed on an iSUP or iKayak, or removed to be used as a standalone seascooter. This dual functionality enhances your water adventures in myriad ways. Experience our mastery in transforming your underwater expeditions.

To learn more about our seascooters, please peruse the Nautica Seascooters catalog below or visit the official Nautica website at We also encourage you to explore the Jimmy Styks website at for detailed information on our Boost Seascooter.


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