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Advancing underwater exploration with innovation & reliability. From deep-sea diving to pool fun, we put the thrill of aquatic discovery at your fingertips.

Nautica Seascooters, a progressive extension of the renowned Nautica brand, crafts innovative seascooters that redefine underwater exploration. Infused with a commitment to innovation and reliability, we amplify the excitement of diving, inspiring a spirit of adventure among a diverse range of divers.


Our Professional Dive Series is built with the needs of expert divers in mind, featuring powerful motors and impressive depth capabilities for advanced exploration. For travel enthusiasts and influencers, our Travel Series seascooters offer a perfect blend of portability and endurance, with a foldable design and extended battery life to enrich your underwater adventures on the go.


Our Recreational Dive Series is tailored for leisurely exploration, providing user-friendly, stable options for those who enjoy a relaxed pace under the waves. Meanwhile, our Recreational Series introduces the youngest water enthusiasts to the joys of underwater exploration in a safe and manageable way, making it ideal for pool use and children's activities.


With Nautica Seascooters, every dive becomes an unforgettable journey, bringing the thrill of underwater discovery within everyone's reach.

For more in-depth information on our products, we encourage you to explore our catalog or visit our official Nautica Seascooters website:


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