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Smart, compact, revolutionary. Transforming everyday commutes into engaging adventures. Shaping tomorrow's micro-mobility today.

SMACIRCLE™ represents the cutting edge of micro-mobility, offering smart, compact, and practical solutions that redefine the first-mile and last-mile transportation experience. Our name embodies our philosophy - crafting 'small', 'smart', and 'circular' tools that make everyday commuting not only more efficient but also enjoyable.


We transcend the traditional concept of movement, turning it from a mundane transit to an engaging, tailored journey. At SMACIRCLE™, we are about time optimization, discovery, flexibility, and adventure. We believe in focusing on the journey, not just the destination, and our range of micro-mobility vehicles are the perfect companion for this.


Internationally recognized with multiple accolades, including the CES 2020 Innovation Awards Honoree and 2018 Edison Awards - Silver, SMACIRCLE™ is rapidly shaping the future of micro-mobility. Our global partnerships and successful product launches in various markets underline our commitment to revolutionizing transport.


As we innovate further, SMACIRCLE™ continues to push the boundaries of what micro-mobility can be. Look out for our forthcoming line of electric foldable bikes and innovative micro-mobility transportation vehicles - a testament to our commitment to offering exciting, reliable, and efficient commuting solutions.

For more in-depth information on our products, we encourage you to explore our catalog or visit our official Smacircle website:


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