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Morey® Bodyboards

Born from Tom Morey's vision, providing unmatched performance and unparalleled wave riding excitement since 1971. Forge your wave, ride with Morey.

Stemming from the pioneering spirit of Tom Morey, our brand has carved its unique identity in the world of wave-riding and revolutionized the sport of bodyboarding.

Tom Morey's innovative invention, originally crafted from a piece of foam, transformed into the first-ever bodyboard - an exciting and accessible way to engage with the ocean. Today, we proudly uphold his legacy of creativity and passion for the ocean, reflected in each product we design.


Our bodyboards boast cutting-edge technology and world-class design, promising exceptional durability, control, and responsiveness. Crafted for beginners and professionals alike, Morey® caters to every level of wave-riding skill and ambition.


With Morey® Bodyboards, you're not just riding the waves; you're embracing a legacy of innovation and passion for the ocean. Dive in, the wave is yours.

For more in-depth information on our products, we encourage you to explore our catalog or visit our official Morey Bodyboards website:


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